LéBOAAZ is a customer focused, service driven company which manufactures, distributes and installs all aspects of ductwork and associated products throughout the Nigeria

Our extensive manufacturing resource, design and engineering expertise along with installation and management capability combine to ensure the successful completion of projects regardless of size, location or specification. As a highly experienced contractor with the resources to undertake any size of contract, we recognise the importance of quality site supervision and contract management.

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure their needs are met in full throughout the lifetime of the project.  With that, we ensure the specified system is the most efficient solution and shall where necessary recommend changes to enhance the relevant specification.

Our Custom Fabrication Services Include:
  • Complete duct installation for heating or cooling systems
  • In-house sheet metal fabrication
  • Insulated ductwork that minimizes noise and prevents condensation
  • Canvas connections between metal ducts and HVAC appliances
  • Flared supply plenums to reduce static pressure and help assure maximum air flow throughout your home or office

We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of ductwork and fume collectors. Whether you need component manufacturing, retrofitting or whole system design and installation, LéBOAAZ is your complete source for dust collection ductwork and pneumatic filtration systems, engineered from the ground up. Unlike most companies, LéBOAAZ manufactures both industrial ductwork and fume collection equipment and the flanged and clamp together components that support them. We fully understand your dust and fumes collections unique demands and produce everything from fully integrated systems to bolt-on parts and products that can be shipped straight off the shelf for customer installation and use.

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