Extractor Fan

LéBOAAZ provides a professional installation service of extractor fan for home or workplace.

Our engineers have extensive experience in both the installation and repair of extractor fans, meaning that we are the perfect choice for anyone in Nigeria looking for this service. 

What Can We Do?

Our extractor fan service can generally be divided into two areas: Replacement and maintenance. When it comes to replacement or repair, we ensure that we are always honest with you about the best course of action. If repairing the fan is possible, we will always choose this option, as it is cheaper and less inconvenient for you. In order to give us the best chance possible to repair your extractor fan, you should contact us as soon as there’s a problem. Some signs to look for when it comes to your extractor fan needing repair include:

• Excessive noise
• Complete power loss
• Increased moisture in room
• Obvious physical damage
• Timer failing to work