Midea Air Conditioners

Midea Group is an expert in the HVAC sector, and one of the top air conditioning manufacturers in the world.


VRF offers a variety of outstanding capabilities and is an ideal choice for tall buildings. Compatibility with a wide selection of indoor units provides the flexibility to produce tailored climate control solutions for a wide range of interior spaces.

Midea Chiller

Midea Chiller has complete product lineup, with wide application range to meet variable customer requirements. The full falling film heat exchange technology and the new generation design of two-stage compression have also been used to increase the   efficiency. Through the unique patented heat exchange technology, the refrigerant charging volume can be decreased up to 40%. [/expander_maker]

DC inverter air-cooled chiller

Midea’s latest DC inverter air-cooled chiller has a compact design and the excellent performance makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. It can operate in cooling mode with ambient temperatures of up to 52°C and with outlet water temperature as low as 0°C. The water flow switch and wired controller are both built-in, making installation more convenient. A hydraulic module with water pump and expansion tank can be added as a customization option to meet special installation situation requirements.

Chiller terminals

Chiller terminals handles and conditions the air and distributes it to various conditioned spaces. Midea chiller terminals (AHU & FCU) have been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of all kinds of space cooling and heating, such as office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition halls, airports, railway stations, hotels, factories and any other central air-conditioning systems.

DC Inverter Mini Chiller

Midea DC Inverter Air-cooled Mini Chiller has unitary structure design and hydraulic module is built in the outdoor unit. It is air-cooled water heat pump chiller so there is no need of cooling water tower at the condensing side. it can freely combine with fan coil units and floor heating. These units are designed for residential applications or light commercial applications that require cold or hot water. They are silent and compact units, easy to install and maintain. All units’ energy efficiency at part load is A+ rated. Their high energy efficiency and high reliability ensure low running cost. So they are widely applied in apartments, villas, small business office buildings as well as restaurants, etc.

Rooftop Package AC

Midea rooftop package air conditioners are designed and manufactured to offer the all-in-one solutions for large halls, warehouses or other appliations. Midea rooftop package air conditioner are totally three series: Desert series,ClimaCreator and ClimaMaster series.

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